Offer clients the
“Peace of Mind Proposition”
and become their
most trusted advisor


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Clients need help to get organized and stay organized.
Few advisors offer this valuable service.

The Estate Organizer stores a client’s most important information in one location,
creating peace of mind for the client, enhancing the financial and estate planning
opportunities for the advisor.

The Estate Executor allows advisors to provide badly needed assistance
when it’s needed the most. A roadmap with step-by-step information and
user-friendly tools makes the job of an executor faster, easier and
cheaper, with less risk.



Not sure if your clients are interested?

In your next client meeting:

1. Ask them if they have a Will

2. Ask them who they’ve named as executor

3. Ask what experience their executor has in settling estates and how much spare time they have to do the job

Play them this 2-minute video, then ask if they’re interested.


QuickEstate™ is for professionals committed to:

  • Delivering value added, comprehensive service
  • Cementing relationships and becoming the family’s most trusted advisor
  • Driving revenue and scaling their business


QuickEstate™ is licensed through professional advisors.

If you’re a client, tell your advisor that getting organized
is important to you and have them contact us.

“I spent over 30 years managing money for high net worth clients, collaborating with accountants
and lawyers. I watched endless clients have their lives turned upside down by the loss of a
disorganized loved one. Grieving, overwhelmed, most had no idea where to start.

QuickEstate™ was created to bring clarity and control to estate organization and settlement,
generating immediate benefits for clients, advisors, executors and beneficiaries.”

– Melissa Best MBA, CFA, TEP, Founder and CEO of QuickEstate