QE is a digital application, but most clients want hard copies of their data and other useful estate information. “My Estate” binder contains:

  • Advisor and executor contact details
  • Acknowledgement of Receipt of Binder Form, Transition of Data Authorization Form
  • “Choosing an Executor Wisely” Information
  • QE Reports: Testator Details, Contacts, Document Locator, Estate Inventory
  • Digital Asset Passwords Template
  • QE Security Protocols
  • End of Life Wishes Information
  • Notes to My Family, Notes to My Executor
  • Executor Information:
    • Quick Start Instructions
    • First Things First: Top 10 To Do’s & Top 10 Not To Do’s
    • Best Practices: Legal Responsibility and Good Governance
    • QE Library (55 pages of useful information)
    • QE Glossary (120 estate and trust terms)
    • Client’s Own Document tabs: Power of Attorney, Personal Directive, Will, Life Insurance Policy, Corporate, and Other Documents


Additional copies of “My Estate” binder are available at extra cost.