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Wealth Transition Planning:

A New Category of Financial Advice

With an aging population and the enormous wealth transfer, comes a new category of financial advice: “Wealth Transition Planning”.

Wealth transition planning is where advisors help clients organize their most important financial, legal and contact information before tragedy strikes. At death, advisors can provide invaluable assistance to grieving families, on a compliant and efficient basis.

QuickEstate™ is available through professional advisors.

Peace of Mind PropositionPeace of Mind Proposition

Clients whose financial and legal affairs are in order enjoy enormous peace of mind.

They work more effectively with investment advisors, life insurance professionals, accountants, lawyers and bankers, putting themselves on track to a bigger financial future. They also pay lower professional fees along the way.

Clients procrastinate: they won’t organize themselves! Advisors who provide this simple, high value service put themselves in the “most trusted advisor” position to deliver better results and increase share of wallet.

Most clients name family members as executors, with no idea how much work and responsibility is involved. Your client’s executor is doing them a huge favor!

The simplest estates take at least 2 years to settle. It costs tens of thousands of dollars more in legal and accounting fees when the executor has no idea where to start.

QuickEstate makes executors informed decision makers, saving hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in professional fees, putting more money in beneficiary hands sooner, reducing family friction and litigation.

Choosing an Executor Wisely

Benefits for Advisors Benefits for Advisors

Deepen relationships by creating enduring peace of mind

Uncover gaps and opportunities to reduce risk

Accelerate simplification and consolidation

Deliver comprehensive long-term solutions
Happy clients refer family members and friends
Retain business when clients pass away
Increase value and reduce risk on the sale of your book

Advisors focus on wealth building and spending. Few address retired clients’
biggest worry: wealth transition. Ask us how you can ease their minds, save
their families time and money, reduce conflict and complexity.
And get paid for it! 

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