A complete estate organization and settlement system that benefits clients and advisors

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Estate Organization

The Estate Organizer is used to gather and update important financial, legal and contact information, creating enduring peace of mind for the client and custom fit advisory opportunities.

Advisors sign up for a software license then purchase estate files on an as needed basis. Advisors can invite clients to view and update their own files. Clients do not pay QuickEstate™; they pay the advisor.

Setting up a file may take your administrator 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the complexity of the client’s estate.

If you do not have the time or admin resources to invest this time up front, QuickEstate™ is not for you.

What works?

  • Educating clients on what’s involved to settle an estate and how being organized is a game changer for their family and their executor.
  • Charging for your time: clients who don’t pay will neither value the process nor engage in it.
  • Building efficient workflows to deliver the service to dovetail with your other estate planning activities.
  • Populating as much data as possible up front, before giving the client access to fill in the rest.
  • Reviewing and updating the data every 2 years, or as needed, to uncover new opportunities

What does not work?

  • Not properly educating clients about the “Why?”
  • Not charging for your time
  • Not building a repeatable process to efficiently provide the service to many clients
  • Handing clients an empty estate file, thinking they can do it themselves: it won’t happen
  • Not bothering to update the information: client loses peace of mind, you lose opportunity

Estate Executor Toolkit

The Estate Executor Toolkit is a best in class product consisting of a roadmap, comprehensive, step-by-step advice, and all the tools needed to make an executor’s job faster, easier and cheaper, with less risk.

If a client who passes away is already set up on the Estate Organizer, their data flows seamlessly into the Estate Executor Toolkit, for immediate use by their executor.

Advisors can also provide the Estate Executor Toolkit as a standalone solution for clients named as executor for someone the advisor has no relationship with. The advisor can provide badly needed assistance in an efficient, profitable manner.

Why not Hire a Professional Executor?

The cost of the Estate Executor Toolkit is a tiny fraction of what professional executors charge: $300 – $800 per hour to carry out simple admin work. The executor is reimbursed for the cost of QuickEstate™ by the estate and the estate can use it as a tax-deductible expense. The cost of QuickEstate™ is a fraction of what professional executors charge.

A common complaint by named executors who have hired a professional to do the work is, “It would have been faster, easier and cheaper if I’d done it myself.” Why? Because even when a professional is involved, the named executor, usually a family member, still has to do most of the legwork throughout the process.

There is no substitute for an experienced estate lawyer to file a probate application or to provide legal advice on contentious issues. But QuickEstate’s user friendly system is a much faster and cheaper alternative for most other estate administration tasks.

No other product provides user-friendly tools for doing the executor’s most important job: managing the estate’s money. No other product provides as much useful information to reduce executor risk.

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My Estate Binder

Advisors receive a complimentary “My Estate Binder” when they purchase a license and can order additional binders as needed. The binder is super useful in explaining the value proposition and can become the “go to” source of information for the client’s executor.

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