A complete estate organization and settlement system that benefits clients and advisors

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Estate Organization

The Estate Organizer is used to gather and update important financial, legal and contact information, creating enduring peace of mind for the client and opportunity.

Advisors must purchase a software license to use QuickEstate™. Setting up a client’s estate data can take a few hours of dedicated time. Time that most advisors and their assistants don’t have, so we offer 3 options:

Concierge Service is the most efficient way for busy advisors to gather data for multiple clients.

Security cleared QE Trust Officers, whose sole function is to gather and update client data, act as backroom administrative partners, who can quickly and efficiently set up estate files.

Emails, copied to the advisor, are used to schedule 30-minute calls with the client. Data gathering takes place over the telephone, on recorded lines; we do not take delivery any client documents.

QE Trust Officers neither provide advice nor sell financial products so there is no conflict of interest between QE, the client and the advisor.

Concierge Service is similar to applying for life insurance. QE Trust Officers are like nurses who collect medical data. Clients pay QE directly. Advisors receive up front and trailing referral compensation.

Concierge Service gives clients 3 to 5 hours of QE Trust Officer time plus:

  • “My Estate” Binder, presented by the advisor.
  • An annual data update call, updated reports sent to the advisor.
  • Software access: “Read Only”, to view their data in the Estate Organizer, “Preview” to view the Estate Executor Toolkit to see all that’s involved to settle their estate, “Full” access to the Estate Executor Toolkit, when needed

Some advisors prefer to use the app themselves to gather client data and make periodic updates.

DIY advisors buy the software license and pre-pay for new estate files, recouping their costs by charging clients for their time.

This process requires the advisor to take a targeted approach to identify ideal clients and plan for their time/their assistant’s time to do the work.

Our most successful DIY advisors have built systematic workflows and bonusing systems with their assistants to ensure the work gets done. As us for more information on what works best.

Advisors not in a position to create these workflows are better suited using Concierge Service to achieve the same results.

DIY clients receive:

  • “My Estate” binder, presented by their advisor when the data gathering is complete
  • Software access: “Read Only” to view their data in the Estate Organizer, “Preview” access to the Estate Executor Toolkit, to see what’s involved to settle their estate

Advisors can purchase packages of DIY estate files for higher value clients and use Concierge Service for others.

Over the years of dealing with advisors, we can confirm that clients who are not paying for the service procrastinate and don’t produce their data. Advisors who do not charge for the service don’t get the work done and no one wins.

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My Estate Binder

My Estate Binder is provided to Concierge and DIY clients. The binder is useful to clients who are building estates and it’s the ultimate “go to” reference piece for the client’s executor.

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Estate Executor Toolkit

The Estate Executor Toolkit is a best in class product consisting of a roadmap, comprehensive, step-by-step advice, and all the tools needed to make an executor’s job faster, easier and cheaper, with less risk.

If a client who passes away is already set up on the Estate Organizer, their data flows seamlessly into the Estate Executor Toolkit, for immediate use by their executor.

Advisors can also provide the Estate Executor Toolkit as a standalone solution for clients named as executor for someone the advisor has no relationship with. The advisor can provide badly needed assistance in an efficient, profitable manner.

The Estate Executor Toolkit is included with our Concierge Service. The executor only pays a nominal data storage fee for as long they use it.

Executors of DIY clients and others must purchase the Toolkit for a fixed price and pay the nominal data storage fee.

The cost of the toolkit is a legitimate expense that the executor can bill back to the estate, costing them nothing. It’s also tax deductible by the estate.

The cost of the Estate Executor Toolkit is a tiny fraction of what professional executors charge.

A common complaint by named executors who have hired a professional to do the work is, “It would have been faster, easier and cheaper if I’d done it myself.” Why? Because even when a professional is involved, the named executor, usually a family member, still has to do most of the legwork throughout the process.

There is no substitute for an experienced estate lawyer to file a probate application or to provide legal advice on contentious issues. But QuickEstate’s user friendly system is a much faster and cheaper alternative for most other estate administration tasks.

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