Granting authorization to your QE account

Written by Melissa Best


When you pass your executor starts by locating your “My Estate” binder, containing the most recent QE reports, quick start instructions and useful information.

You Executor will contact QE and provide confirmation that they are allowed to access your QE online account. QE cannot provide access to your data until we’ve received these documents from your Authorized executor:

  • Original death certificate
  • Notarized copy of your Last Will and Testament showing your named executor(s)
  • Notarized copy of the Authorized Person’s government issued photo ID (valid driver’s license or passport)

The executor can then access your data in the Estate Executor Toolkit, which includes:

  • QE Executor’s Roadmap – step-by-step advice to guide the process
  • QE Testator Details – to expedite probate
  • QE Contacts – to keep everyone involved well informed
  • QE Documents – to manage legal documents
  • QE Inventory – to gather required information on 42 different assets and debts
  • QE Accounting – to continuously track and account for your money
  • QE To Dos – detailed task lists to ensure nothing gets missed
  • QE Templates – to process administrative work quickly and efficiently
  • QE Distribution – to track beneficiary distributions
  • QE Library – to protect the estate, the beneficiaries and the executor

The only cost to your executor is the Annual Data Storage Fee, for as long as they need the toolkit. They pay this small fee with their credit card, but because it is chargeable back to the estate, in the end, it costs them nothing. The estate accountant can confirm if the annual fee is tax deductible by the estate.

Upon receipt of the necessary paperwork, QE will set up your executor with login details and your data will be transitioned into the Estate Executor Toolkit. Having immediate access to the data saves your executor hundreds of hours and saves your estate thousands of dollars in professional fees.

The Estate Executor Toolkit moves an executor from feeling overwhelmed and uncertain, to clarity, confidence and control. Our transparent process greatly reduces family friction.


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