QuickEstate’s Peace of Mind Proposition

QuickEstate™ is a complete estate solution that gets you organized and keeps you organized as you save for retirement and build an estate. When you pass away, it makes the job of your executor faster, easier and cheaper, with less risk to your family.

Dedicated Trust Officers Keep You Organized

You will be guided through the estate organization process by a QuickEstate Trust Officer.  QE Trust Officers are security-cleared professionals who know what information will be needed, including who’s involved and what’s involved in your estate. They’ll guide you through the estate organization process in a series of phone calls over recorded lines. QE covers 42 different types of assets and debts so whether you have personal assets or complex corporate or foreign assets, our Trust Officers know what information is most relevant. “My Estate” binder summarizes your estate information with quick start instructions and valuable information for your executor.

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Executor software to settle your estate

Our Complete Estate Solution gives your executor immediate access to the Estate Executor Toolkit, with a road map, step-by-step advice, task lists, administrative templates and user-friendly financial tools to settle your estate quickly and efficiently. The toolkit moves a grieving executor from feeling overwhelmed, with no idea where to start, to clarity, confidence, and control. Our transparent process also significantly reduces the chances of family friction and litigation.

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