• Save your family time and money with better estate organization

    "I built QE because I couldn’t watch another grieving family be torn apart, pay massive fees and have the process take forever, when it’s easily avoided."
    - Melissa Best MBA, CFA, TEP, Veteran Financial and Estate Advisor

Having your affairs in order is the most priceless gift you can leave your family.

Advisors focus on wealth building and spending. Few address retired clients’ biggest worry: wealth transition.

If your affairs are disorganized when you die, settling your estate can be a never-ending nightmare for your executor. 

Work with your advisor or do it yourself, but just do it! 
Eliminate the biggest challenges facing your executor:
  • No idea who’s involved
  • No idea what’s involved
  • No idea where to start
  • No idea how to avoid family conflict
Consequences of not using QuickEstate™:
  • Permanent destruction of family relationships
  • Financial losses on assets and in taxes
  • Paying ridiculous legal fees
  • Estate takes years/forever to settle

QE Estate Organizer


Being organized creates enduring peace of mind and better financial results. Use the Organizer to store important information, so your family knows who to call, what’s involved and where everything can be found, should something happen. Adding information is quick and easy, it simplifies your life and will save your family hundreds of hours.

QE Estate Executor Toolkit


Most executors have no idea how much work they’re in for or where to start. We move executors from feeling overwhelmed and uncertain to clarity, confidence and control. An easy-to-use roadmap with step-by-step advice and tools make the executor’s job faster and easier, with less risk of conflict. Give it to your executor or use it with aging parents.

At death, data in the Estate Organizer flows seamlessly into the Estate Executor toolkit, cutting the time, work and costs of settling an estate by at least 50%.

How prepared are you? Take the test.

How prepared are you and how prepared is your family, should death or disability strike tomorrow?

How prepared are you to act as executor for a loved one should they suddenly pass away?

Take our self-scoring tests below. Give yourself one point for each “yes” and take one point away for each “no” to see where you stand.

If you’re not as prepared as you’d like, ask your advisor how QuickEstate™ can create enduring peace of mind for you and your family.

  1. Do you have a valid, current Will?
  2. Do you have Continuing Powers of Attorneys for Property and Personal Care?
  3. Does your family know where to find your legal documents?
  4. Have you named an executor, willing and capable of acting?
  5. Have you named a guardian for your dependents, willing and capable of acting?
  6. Have you set up the necessary trusts?
  7. Do you have a list of everyone to contact if something happens?
  8. Do you have a list of what you own, what you owe and where it can be found?
  9. Does a trusted family member have access to key digital log in credentials?
  10. Have you communicated end of life wishes to your family?

Not happy with your score? Ask your advisor about QuickEstate™ to get organized and stay organized.

  1. As executor, do you understand your role and legal responsibilities?
  2. Are you also named as agent under a Power of Attorney?
  3. Do you have copies of their current Will and Powers of Attorney?
  4. Can you act in their jurisdiction?
  5. Do you have basic financial knowledge, computer skills and the time to execute a long list of tasks in a timely manner?
  6. If you had to organize their funeral, do you know their end of life wishes?
  7. Do you have contact details for their other executors, beneficiaries and key advisors?
  8. Do you know where their legal documents are located?
  9. Do you know what they own, what they owe, and where everything can be found?
  10. Do you have current log in credentials for their home, office computers and smart phone?

Not happy with your score? Ask an advisor about QuickEstate™ to get a loved one organized to save yourself countless hours and endless grief and save the estate tens of thousands of dollars.

Your Privacy is our #1 Priority

Privacy and secure data storage are a top priority to protect our users and our business.

Simplify Things for your Family

QuickEstate™ clarifies and simplifies estate settlement. Without all the required information, the executor cannot make informed decisions to effectively and transparently manage the process.

"I begged my husband to talk about his estate. He died suddenly and I’m tidying up a big mess, on top of looking after my kids and my job."
Ann C

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