Estate Organizer

Preparation matters when you’re building an estate.
It’s even more important for your family, when you pass away.
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Capture Important Information.

Who needs to be called: family members, professional advisors, service providers? Where are my legal documents: Will, Power of Attorney, life insurance, land titles? What do I own, what do I owe and where is everything?

QuickEstate is NOT a Wills kit, nor is it a substitute for legal or professional advice, but it does make the process of organizing these aspects of your estate much easier.

Everyone’s estate is different. QuickEstate™ covers 43 different types of assets and debts. Once the data is inputted, it’s quick and easy to update.

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A Better Wealth Transfer Strategy

When your estate is well-organized, your family and estate executor can easily carry out your final plans and wishes after your passing. There will be no time-consuming search for documents, paperwork, or contact info, ensuring a low-stress process for all involved.
A Better Wealth Transfer Strategy

How to Use It

QuickEstate™ is best used in collaboration with your advisors, as you build an estate.

An advisor can set you up under their license and give you access to update your information. If your advisor is not offering this valuable service yet, have them Contact Us.


Knowing the locations of original legal documents required to settle your estate provides clarity and saves time.

quick estate documents
List where your original Will and Power of Attorney are located.
List your emergency contact person and your executor.
List three assets, two debts, and where they can be found.

Take 15 minutes of your time to save 15 hours of your family’s time.

"I found the Estate Organizer very easy to use. Fill in the blanks blanks with as much information as you like; took no time."

Wendy M