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The most comprehensive tool on the market to make estate settlement faster, easier and cheaper, with less risk of family conflict and liability.
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No More Confusion or Fear

No one prepares an executor for the amount of time and responsibility involved in settling an estate. Our detailed instructions and checklists help novice executors become informed decision makers, reducing risk for the beneficiaries and themselves.
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Feel Supported

Settling an estate with no experience, while grieving, can feel like being lost in the woods at night. QuickEstate™ shines a light on the process with a roadmap, step-by-step advice and user-friendly tools, giving you clarity, confidence and control.
  • QE Executor Roadmap – a guide from start to finish
  • QE To Dos - task lists for each asset and debt, so nothing gets missed
  • QE Estate Accounting – record movement of money to inform beneficiaries
  • QE Distribution – tracks cash and physical items transferred to beneficiaries
  • QE Templates - over 65 templates to process admin work quickly
  • QE Library – content to minimize risk for executors and beneficiaries
  • QE Glossary - 120 estate and trust terms for easy reference
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Avoid Family Friction

Family friction and estate litigation almost always result from the executor being uninformed, making unintentional errors, procrastinating, or not communicating with the beneficiaries.

Tools in the Estate Executor bring transparency, clarity and trust to the process.

Managing the Money is an Executor’s Most Important Job

QuickEstate™ is the most financially robust tool available, with detailed advice and tools to help novice executors manage 42 types of financial and non-financial assets and debts.
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How to use it

Your advisor can set up the estate under their license to provide support as you deal with the assets and other financial matters.

If your advisor is not offering this valuable service yet, have them Contact Us.

Learn more about executor responsibilities and how to protect yourself against liability.
Add an executor and a beneficiary.
List three assets, two debts, and where they can be found.

Being an executor is a tough job! QuickEstate™ makes it easier.

"My siblings and I are no longer speaking. Our sister, who was my Mom’s executor, didn’t know what she was doing and now we’re all out of pocket."

Lee M